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New Farm bills: Explained

Here is an explanation on what the new Bills are all about: 1. The Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill, 2020: The three...

Facts you need to know about Bhungroo in Agriculture

What is Bhungroo in Agriculture? Bhungroo, a Gujarati colloquial, means straw or hollow pipe. Bhungroo, across Asia and Africa, is now a unique, innovative and...

Prevention of yellow disease for Mung beans crop

The name of the crop mung beans, which is sown in the monsoon season, is yellow. The mung beans crop, which was brought up...

Major Farming steps from crop selection to harvesting

A farmer performs following eight major steps from crop selection to harvesting: Crop Selection Land Preparation Seed Selection Seed Sowing Irrigation Crop Growth Fertilizing ...

Facts you need to know about Organic Farming

ORGANIC FARMING - As the global population began to grow rapidly, the need for a more sustainable approach in food production became more obvious. Unsustainable...

Greenhouse Farming Exceeds Weather Limitations

Crop production is a challenging business, with the crops being constantly exposed to unfavourable weather conditions. Weather and climate conditions play an important role...

Major Difficulties of Indian Agriculture

Though India has arable land area of 159.7 million hectares (394.6 million acres) is the second largest in the world, after the United States, but its production...

Types of Major Soil in India and their Properties

The soil is formed when rocks are broken down by the action of wind, water and climate. This process is called weathering. The characteristic...

Basic Agricultural Practices and Steps for Growing of Crops

Generally, all farmers anywhere would consider aspects like what crop to sow, method of tillage, fertilization program, market and price for the produce etc....

Applying Modern tech to Agriculture

Modern agriculture is driven by continuous improvements in digital tools and data as well as collaborations among farmers and researchers across the public and...

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